Manaus is under water!

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New BLOG!!!

Hello world! It is our first POST in the new BLOG! Somehow we managed to wipe everything off from our blog. Yeah, we truly learn in a hard way. LOL!

It is late May, early June and the water in the Amazon Rainforest is still rising up. It is so far the highest record since 1053 and 2009. I have received all kinds of affirmations/questions and answers from friends and artisans co-workers. Is Nature upset or is it global warming? That’s the most common phrase!

Can you actually think about all the impacts caused by the high water? Let us know your thoughts. Some pictures below.

“Porto de Manaus / Manaus Port”

“Downtown Manaus”

“We will build bridges if needed”

“Ribeirinhos / People from the Amazon”

“Over flooding River”

“So let’s talk about sense of humor – the people from Manaus got it!” Even though downtown is a little under water and it has become a great deal to venture throughout the streets, I am happy to see that many people are fine and smiling of the situation. We know the water will eventually go down and life will be back normal.



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