We LOVE Fashion Fall 2013

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At Nature Beads, we LOVE fashion! We are obsessed with what’s hot, and what you’re going to want to wear, so today we’re letting you in on the hot colors for fall 2013. Designers are loving shades of grey, ivory, nude, khaki, and chocolate for neutral bases this year. We’re loving the contrast of vibrant colored beads and pendants in shades like cranberry, peacock blue, and even orange against these neutrals for a pop of color.











chocolate brown

Designers are also using color this year in unexpected ways. Muted shades of green and pink are still hot, while vibrant colors such as yellow, fuchsia, tangerine, cobalt, and peacock are on trend for this fall. We like the idea of mixing contrasting colors using our accessories for visual interest like wearing  rust colored beads with our fuchsia outfits.


peacock blue

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