Boho Headpieces: DIY

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Do you love the romantic draping look of a headpiece? Are you envious of Boho princesses HairChain1like Nicole Richie? Did you know that those ornate headpieces are easy to make yourself? That’s right, you can create your own custom headpieces, using chains, charms, and beads.

layered tassled chain-headpiece










Get the Look

Here are some sample items to help you get the look. First you’ll need chain for the diameter of your head and a piece of chain for the middle part, as well as any additional chain for layering.

These chains work well layered or by themselves as a head piece. gold rhinestonegun metal chaingold rolo chain

The first step is wrapping the chain around your head leaving one or two extra links for draping. Then measure from the front of the chain to the back of the chain vertically for the center piece. Draping chains requires leaving a few more links in the chain each time you add a layer. Use simple ring jumpers to adhere each layer.

jump rings


If you’re looking to make your headpiece beaded, you’ll need some long head and eye pieces for cascading beads. These will allow you to add cascading beads and a centerpiece for your head piece.

Antique brass head pingun metal eye pin

Next you’ll need some beautiful new beads. Any beads from Tagua to glass will be beautiful additions, and the only limitation is your own imagination. Here are some great bead suggestions to get you started.

tagua pendant turquoisemoon light rounds






If you’re feeling particularly edgy you might try our skull beads .

skull beads

Center Piece

Finally, you’ll want to work on your centerpiece. Not all headpieces have centerpieces, but if you want one, you’ll need a great pendant or large bead or coupler. Here are a few suggestions.

coconut blue web pendantCopper leaf charmNunn-design bird connector





Headpiece Heaven

With practice, and the right materials you can make your own fabulous Boho headpieces like the great headpieces worn by celebrities and made by jewelry design houses like House of  Harlow.

Vanessa Hudginsbeautiful headpiece


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What’s Your Style

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Style is a choice. It is a reflection of who we are and what we think. We use fashion and style to define ourselves, and our own unique personalities. Some of us are Bohemian flower children, others are classically beautiful, some are sporty, some are preppy, and some of us are just plain wild. Whatever your style, there’s a designer who represents you, and a bead style or leather that suits you.

Bohemian Rhapsody bohemian-clothes

Bohemian style is hippie chic. Prints, flowers, and flowing fabrics represent the boho lifestyle. Inspired by the fashion of the 1960′s and 1970′s as well as the Romani or Gypsy culture, clothing is typically made from natural fibers, and is made for comfort and movement. Outfits typically include layering, loose peasant blouses, maxi dresses, and headbands or hair ornaments. The key words when talking about Bohemian style are versatile, relaxed and natural. Designers like Nicole Richie and Nicole Miller and stylists like Rachel Zoe represent this style. Accessories are also worn in layers and include, chains coins, beads, leather, feathers, bone, and wood. Get the look with necklaceour chains, beads, and fasteners, and check out our scarves.




chain 2bamboo beadsred beads







Classic Beauty

When one thinks of classic beauty women like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly come to mind. This style is elegant and feminine. Designer Christian Dior captures Classic Beauty with his structured pieces in silhouettes that magnify the feminine shape and define the waist. Classic beauty is glamorous, but in a way that says beauty not flash. Accessories are simple and often make a statement.

classic beauty

Get the look with our Tagua Nut beads and Faux Suede cords, and create the statement piece of your dreams.





White Tagua Nut Beads








Sporty Shorty

The sporty look is active, and on-the-go. These women aren’t afraid to sweat and need clothes that move with them, and their active lifestyle. Designers like  Tommy Hilfiger, and Alexander Wang offer sporty style. The sporty woman is a little bit tom-boy and a whole of fierce. Accessories are simple and don’t impede the sporty woman’s ability to get moving. Swapping out sweat bands for a leather cuff work well for the sporty woman.

leather cuff






Get the look with one of our killer leather straps and fasteners.

Leather straps

silver buttons






Fall-2011-New-York-Fashion-Week-Betsey-JohnsonWild Child

The wild child likes to take risks with fashion, and isn’t afraid of animal prints and neon colors in various fabrics including fur, polyester, leather, and even tulle. Creative goddess and designer Betsy Johnson personifies the wild child look.

In terms of accessories anything goes from an unusual hat to a bold piece of jewelry, to spikes. The wild child is truly avant-garde, and isn’t afraid to experiment with colors, textures, and beading.



This amazing piece by Sherry Hutchison Serafini exemplifies the wild child sense of style. Get the look using our chains and fish leather.

eye piecefishchain






What’s your sense of style? Are you Bohemian, Classic, Sporty, or Wild?

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